Is Saudi Arabia About To Allow Females To Become Uber and Careem Drivers?

Via The Independent

Some claim that this is the year of Women in Saudi Arabia; with all the new policies granting them new rights that help them be more active in the -once strict- society of Saudi Arabia. New laws were discussed, yet to be implemented, that will allow women to drive, enter sports stadiums, and recently, will grant women over 25 years old tourist visas to Saudi Arabia without a male guardian.

According to Popsugar, both Uber and Careem have been in talks to allow female drivers into their work forces in Saudi, and starting June, it looks like that vision will become a reality. Female riders currently make up 80% of Uber’s Saudi customers and 70% for Careem, and now, both companies are stepping up to hire women as drivers.

​ما يبيلها انتظار. #خلها_أوبر

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Co-Founder of Careem, Abdulla Elyas, stated: “Female captains will help us provide a better service to many women who want to travel but refuse to be driven by men.”

“We will partner up with necessary stakeholders to facilitate the paperwork, training access, and access to vehicles, including access to driving schools run by third-party partners.” Said Zeid Hreish, Uber’s general manager in Saudi Arabia.

WE SAID THIS: Year of the women indeed.