Ahmed Fahmi’s Primitive Comments About Marriage and Wife Gets Him Called A Misogynist

Egyptian Actor, Violinist and Singer, Ahmed Fahmi, has been one of television’s leading men for the past couple of years. With a gigantic fan base, the former Wama band member proved time after time that he is more than a band boy with his acting and TV shows hosting skills. However, social media has no mercy when it comes to women’s rights, feminism and medieval statements.

Sadly, Ahmed Fahmi has been under fire for controversial comments regarding his wife during an interview on Ana we Ana TV show. The host, Samar Yousry, described Fahmy as the classic oriental man after his wife said that the singer had a huge say in her career and personal life.

أنا وأنا – زوجة أحمد فهمي تروي تكشف لأول مرة تحكمات أحمد فهمي .. ورد فهمي عليها

أنا وأنا – زوجة أحمد فهمي تروي تكشف لأول مرة تحكمات أحمد فهمي .. ورد فهمي عليها#ON_E | #أنا_و_أنا

Posted by OnEnt on Friday, January 12, 2018

It goes without saying, the social media backlash was intense after she described her husband as a jealous man who banned her from having friends and controlled the way she dressed where she had to cover from neck to toe. What made things worse was giving up her singing career for her husband and him commenting that there has to be a limiting roof to women’s ambitions in marriage.

We haven’t been living under a rock and we know this mentality exists not only in Egyptian and Arab men, but all over the world. This should not be a defining trait when describing oriental men. However, it is a definite social suicide move when an actor with female co-hosts, friends and fans insinuates that women should be limited.

It is 2018 for God’s sakes, there is no place for public medieval and primitive thoughts in a world where women are fighting hard for equal pay and rights. Alas, it is a marriage afterall and if the wife agrees, who are we to say no?

The actor has been under fire these past two days. Some completey disagreed with his comments

While others sounded more understanding

The social media debate led the actor to release quite an intense statement, asking people to mind their own business as he is not married to their mothers. Later, Fahmi posted another public apology to his offended fans, adding that he is happily married.

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