This Sahel Black Shadow Party Literally Took Us Back to Black

On Saturday, 22nd of July, a variant array of Egypt’s A-list celebrities and influencers gathered at Martin’s Beach Club to celebrate OPPO’s new F3 limited ‘Black Edition’. Despite the fact that Martin’s Beach Club has been infamous for its all-white theme, an exception was made when it came to celebrating the elegance and sophistication of the F3 black edition. Accordingly, Martin’s Beach Club received a chic all – black make-over.



From black curtains, to black and white balloons, to black beach balls and photo frames, everything – and we mean everything – was tastefully transformed into an all-black heaven. Furthermore, all attendees were given vintage props. These props not only helped spice up the attendees’ appearance, they also opened the gateways to a general atmosphere of elegant sophistication.


And just to make sure that ‘classy’ did not translate into ‘boring’, OPPO threw a “Black Shadow Party”, one that strongly elevated the Sahel party scene. How you say? Well, let’s just say that all VIP attendees got to chill at the OPPO lounge, while personal butlers attended to them during the event.




And, of course, since OPPO F3 Cameraphone is all about snapping selfies and capturing photos, OPPO had to have some selfie-friendly mirrors, stationed throughout the whole space. There was also a human-sized photo frame, where groups made use of OPPO’s wide-angle front camera and snapped the best quality group selfies, or – as the folks at OPPO like to call it – groupfies.




Speaking of groupfies, the event was filled with them. This is ought not be a shock, however, given the fact that OPPO F3 Cameraphone is designed with the solutions to the common obstacled associated with capturing a group selfie in mind. Indeed, with all other phones you need a selfie stick so as to capture every single person in a groupfie.



Given that OPPO F3 Cameraphone has a dual selfie camera, selfie sticks did not have a place at the event, and the guests just loved it. How do we know? Well, let’s just that say that all guests took groupfies, containing more than 15 people without a selfie stick. All this was made possible due to the wide angle dual front cameras, of course.




WE SAID THIS: Thank you, OPPO, for a classy event, and conveniently captured groupfies.