The Run-Ability: Run for the Physically Challenged this Friday


Ready for a run? Think you can’t handle it? Well, guess what? Millions across the country and the world are dealing with physical disabilities on a daily basis and some of them are even Olympic champions. So stop being lazy and come join us this Friday with our friends at Cairo Runners, who are collaborating with TedMed Club Egypt and SCOPS (Student Conference On Pharmaceutical Studies) to bring you the next run in Heliopolis, but with a twist.

You’ll be joined by people with different special needs and disabilities in an effort on their part to show us all that being healthy and active is not related to a certain body type because, “We all can”.

It’s an awareness run promoting the “Zayee Zayak” campaign that was initiated on the International Day of People with Disabilities on Dec. 4 with a march and different festivities at the AUC campus. Dr. Heba Hagrass, the head of Helm organization and a champion of the rights of people with disabilities, activist Dr. Ahmed Douma and a number of our gold champions on the Paralympics team were in attendance.

The campaign focuses on the constitutional and social rights of the people with disabilities in Egypt, an estimated 17 million people.

As usual, there is the choice of either a long route (about 15K) or a short one (7K). Never mind the cold, once you start running you’ll get warm in no time. Just make sure you’re wearing the right amount of clothes, not too light not too heavy.

Being active and leading a healthy lifestyle is not confined to body type or body parts – any one, including those of us with special needs, can join sports, work out and run. All that’s needed is tolerance, acceptance of our differences and the recognition of our common humanity.

Stay Active!

WE SAID THIS: Check out the Facebook event page for more info about the Run-Ability and don’t miss next week’s run, when ALMUN (Arab League Model United Nations) is joining Cairo Runners for a run for homeless children.