The Review: McDonald’s Spicy Beef Vs. Smoky Chicken


mcvs2So we are constantly faced with billboards about “this new sandwich” and “this new campaign”, but it’s McDonald’s latest Spicy Beef Deluxe vs. Smoky Grand Chicken Sandwich that has gotten our attention. Brands are constantly trying to innovate using their premium ingredients and adding on that gourmet touch, and since I am always down to try something different and it was my cheat day, I decided to go for it.

First off, we took the delivery route on this one – ain’t no body got time for that dine-in stuff (YES, THE DRIVE-THRU IS GENIUS THOUGH). So our McDonald’s arrives in great time – I swear, it’s said that they deliver faster than an ambulance takes to arrive, and so in staying true to their rep, there they were 20 minutes upon order.

Because I don’t believe in the concept of gaining weight on my own, I brought only my dearest to this party and we ordered a couple of each and took this challenge head on.

We split them in halves and shared – and yes, we took a a couple fun pics as well, because hey, why not live life to the max? But overall, the main mission was seeing how these played out in our tummies.




I personally started with the Spicy Beef. When looking at it, it kind of reminded me of a smaller Quarter Pounder, but when tasting it you are automatically met with that hit of spice. Now, I must admit, I am not the kind of person who flocks to the spiciest thing on the menu, but the heat did not bother me. In fact, I enjoyed the idea of Spicy Beef instead of the usual spicy chicken choice. I also liked the idea that it was not brimming full of jalapenos. The beef patty itself is infused with spice, and the sweet bite from the red onion is a nice match.

Going on to the Smoky Chicken, I kind of wish I would have tried it first since my taste buds were still getting over the Spicy Beef I had just had. This is not to bring down the burger itself, different and unique in its own right, I had never tried anything like it. The Chipotle BBQ sauce complimented the crunchy chicken nicely.

Enjoying both the last bite and based on popular demand, I personally believe that McDonald’s should stick to the Spicy Beef on this one, it’s different and a crowd pleaser.



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