Mommy Diaries: Healthy Snack Packs for Your Little Monsters


My kids and I are always on the go. Whether its back from school or on our way to one of our many practices, we are always running. It’s hard for me to always have food ready for them to grab on our way to ballet. I need to make sure they’re well nourished because apparently they don’t function otherwise.

That is until I came up* with the best idea ever. Snack trays. Bam! Your life has just been flipped upside down and rolled down a hill, right?

Here’s why its genius. As much as I would love to feed my kids a hot meal before we head to gymnastics, realistically speaking that’s not going to happen. And the chances of them staying awake long enough to have a good meal afterwards are even slimmer.

But with my revolutionary snack trays, your guilt and their hunger are no longer an issue!

All I do is get one of those divided Tupperware containers and fill it up with a bunch of healthy goodies that kids love! Here’s an example of a few different things you can put in there:



Cheddar Cheese



According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry “cheese is one of the healthiest snacks for your child’s teeth.” I usually have the guy at the deli chop them into tiny bite size cubes. If I’m feeling dangerous, I buy the cheese in thick slices and use a cookie cutter to make fun shapes with the cheese.



Peanut Butter


Peanut butter and banana sandwich.

It’s delicious and loaded with plenty of protein and fiber. Mix it with a mashed banana, drizzle with honey and spread it on toast. Cut the sandwich into squares and voila.

Another ooh-la-la idea is to spread some on a few Bake Rolz and serve like fancy shmancy hors d’oeuvres.






Because they’re just so good. If your monster has a problem with seeds, opt for seedless. Or if you really like them, slice the seeds out.



Hummus (yes, hummus)



Hummus is delicious and it’s thick enough to not be too messy. It contains vitamin B6, iron and folate. Serve it with a few pieces of Bake Stix and your kids will go wild.



Grilled Chicken Cubes



Shish Tawook style, but cooled so the monkeys can use their fingers.

Now obviously this is too much to put in one snack pack, so pick and choose what you want and voila. Healthy meals on wheels.

And all these snacks are just the right type of messy. A wipe can handle the mess while keeping clothes intact. You can thank me later.



*I know that someone out there has probably thought of this first, but I have decided to claim this idea as my own. And I think that since I am not getting paid for this idea, this claim can’t be illegal or immoral. So, too bad.



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