Review: Is This Restaurant The Best Asian Eat from the Alexandrian Coast?

Via Nuwa

Alexandria is known for being the best city in Egypt for a food adventure. Me and my friends would literally drive all the way there just to have a meal by the beautiful coastal city! While Cairenes love popular places likes Alban Swisra, Kebdet el Falla7, and the Greek Club, hanging out with locals would lead you to tons of beautiful hidden food gems in Alexandria!

The restaurant we’re featuring this time is arguably the best destination for Asian food in Alexandria, Nuwa! Whether you’re into Chinese food for its sauces, Japanese food for its fusions, Indian food for its spices, or Thai food for combining all the above, Nuwa certainly has it all! From the moment you step into the place, you’ll love the cozy atmosphere and the chic interior. The menu has a huge variety of options from different Asian cuisines, making the choosing process super hard.

After being lost in the menu for half an hour, I settled for the most basic order, sweet and sour chicken along with some steamed rice and some chicken noodles! The first thing I noticed when the food came was the awesome presentation and the large portions. The taste of the food wasn’t any less impressive than the presentation, every bite pampered my taste buds!

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