Here’s How You Can Spread the Jolly Spirit by Giving Back This Christmas!

Via Egyptian Streets

By Sarah Alblowi

The cliché question of “what does Christmas mean to you?” has many answers, but we can all agree on one; it’s a joyful time of giving back! Unfortunately, today’s society is so consumed down the rabbit hole of consumer frenzies and gift wrappings ideology. Although getting extravagant gifts is fine, prioritizing giving back is surpassing. Think about it; the latest smartphone or designer purse you’re so blinded by will be out of style next season, but your impact on someone else’s life won’t. It’s not too late to change your holiday habits and engage in generous kindness acts. Here are six ways you can give back this Christmas.

DIY packages for homeless 

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 Don’t we all love hand-made projects? Especially when for good cause? This is your chance to prepare a hands-on activity with your family this afternoon. Assemble a bag with a toothbrush/toothpaste, shampoo, socks, snacks, a bottle of water, and more every day essentials we take for granted that someone else is praying for. Hygiene is crucial for physical health and essential for prohibiting illness and diseases.

Donate blood

Via Egypt Independent

Helping out doesn’t have to cost a pound, yet, it could cost several lives! Your body contains six to eight liters of blood; in less than 60 minutes or during your lunch break, you can safely donate 300-500 ml to the Egyptian Blood Bank, Resala, Law 3andak Dam, or BloodEGY. Blood is a precious gift, a possible gift of life!

Visit an orphanage


Put a smile on these angles’ faces who don’t have the luxury of spending Christmas under a big tree unwrapping expensive gifts. Be their joy, family, or maybe secret Santa! Donate toys, clothes, or your time by taking pictures for unforgettable memories. Most Orphans don’t have pictures to look back at when they leave to show their kids their holidays or cringe-worthy teen photos. Give them that, they’ll thank you later!

Donate money to charity organizations

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Your smartphone made donating a few pounds a finger swipe away. Charities such as Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation, 57375 Hospital, Misr El Kheir, Resala, Baheya, and more accept donations via SMS and Fawry for as little as EGP 5.  And yes, every donation counts!

Clothes Donation

Via Egyptian Clothing Bank

We all have a Zara jacket or two, if not three, hoarded in our closest from winters ago. Guilty? Well, your jacket can cover someone’s pitiless shivers this white-cold winter. Rule of thumb, if you haven’t worn it in a year, LET IT GO! Perhaps consider practicing minimalistic life choices and do some early spring cleaning while you’re at it. Donate to The Egyptian Clothing Bank and Resala.

Prepare a meal for someone in need

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Instead of donating mushy food in rusty cans, have some empathic intelligence! Throw on an apron and whip up a filling soul warming mouthwatering meal. Prepare your favorite meal, or other budget-friendly options including pasta, soup with bread, beans, rice, or simply sandwiches!

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