Non-Profit Organizations Where You Can Volunteer for a Good Cause in Cairo

Via Egyptian Food Bank

By Sarah Alblowi

If you haven’t considered volunteering yet, now is the time to bring fulfillment to your busy city life. It benefits your mind and soul, decreases depression, anger, and stress while getting a sense of purpose. Volunteering also helps regulate your physical and mental health while helping others. Whether you’re a high school student seeking experience or a post-graduate willing to spark hope, here are great places to volunteer in Cairo.


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Nothing is more heartbreaking than innocent children suffering from cancer. Although we can’t put an end to cancer, we can paint a beautiful smile on their little faces. Depending on your background, you can corporate by participating in events, doing arts and crafts with the kids, or putting your medical degree to work.

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This one is for all the animal lovers out there! Share your love and attention by spending your day playing with, bathing, and walking cute animals. Unfortunately, ignorance of animal brutality is huge in the Arab world and but there’s a perfect way to give back and learn something new. Lucky for you, Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals (ESMA) is always looking for a helping hand!

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Via Injaz

Fighting against literacy and offering free schooling improves lives by decreasing unemployment and encouraging economic growth. You can help by passing the weapon of education, but how? Injaz, one of the top charity for educating youth in Egypt, partnered up with Junior Achievement, a worldwide network serving 122 countries, and you can take part in this good cause by volunteering.

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Egyptian Food Bank

Via Egyptian Food Bank

Hunger is a basic human right violation and the Egyptian Food Bank (EFB) offers various volunteering programs such as families volunteering, EFB generation program, corporate volunteering, and more feeding programs to endlessly work against poverty and hunger.

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Via Resala

With 30 volunteering activities in more than 60 locations over Egypt, Resala offers a wide variety of charity acts. Options from blood donations, teaching, combating addiction to hosting events, guaranteed to equip everyone’s cup of tea. Upcoming volunteer events are rapidly posted on their website, so you’d better keep an eye out.

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WE SAID THIS: Volunteer work is not just about doing good, but it’s definitely a plus for your personal work experience as well.