Red Wedding: Jordan Seals off Irbid After a Marriage Ceremony Causes a Sharp Spike in COVID-19 Cases

A wedding was recently held in Irbid, about 60 miles north of Amman, Jordan, it was a very cheerful and joyous occasion that turned into a disaster. Jordan’s army sealed off the second biggest city of the Kingdom, Irbid, as well as its surrounding villages after dozens of guests who attended the wedding tested positive for COVID-19.

Minister of State for Media Affairs, Amjad Adaileh said during a press briefing, “Despite the rise in the number of corona cases in Irbid, the situation there is still under control,” and added, “supplies would continue to be delivered to the isolated areas.” The government said it would arrange delivery of food and water.

via The National

Currently, the security forces are guarding all entrances to the province in order to prevent people from going in or out and blocking even those who hold permits that had exempted them from a travel ban.

The sister-in-law of the groom was actually the one who led to the spike of the infection, and a few days after the wedding she became the first woman in the Middle East to give birth while suffering from COVID-19.

Even though the Kingdom of Jordan is among the world’s strictest countries to carry a lockdown, officials have indicated they could further tighten restrictions on movement, as recently the police have implemented a driving ban on everyone except crucial personnel and have also banned most people from even leaving their houses.

Irbid, nicknamed “Bride of the North”, is an ancient town known for its rich history, beautiful historical sites, and for being the perfect escape from the busy capital of Amman. It’s very sad to witness the current situation and we hope that this too shall pass, peacefully.

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