Red.Move.Now: Egypt’s Latest Movement

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Every so often, a movement comes along that dares people to be different, that dares people to step outside of the box. Like with every new trend, there are always the people who are wary and the ones who are willing to jump in head first.

These movements are far and few in between, but they bring out the daring, the non-conformists and those who want to stand at the forefront.

Cue Red.Move.Now, a movement that is taking Egypt over like a quiet storm, knocking on influencer’s doors from all walks of life, one by one – but it has yet to reveal itself.


RedMoveNow Egypt paint


A manifesto has been born for all those who are in need of guidance and direction. For all those who are willing to take the lead and not conform, your movement is here:

Why stand still when you can go forward?

Why keep the routine when you can reinvent each day?

Some people spend their lives in the back seat while others take the wheel.

Some people fear the new while others embrace it.

ho do you want to be?

Refresh. Renew. Go out and discover. The world is yours to explore with all your senses.

Touch it, feel it, love it and make the journey matter.

Make it yours, Make it real.



The first amongst these movers and shakers has been chosen, the one who is willing to push the envelope a little further and throw caution to the wind.


Kojak Bloodline

Mohanad Kojak, who has taken Egypt’s fashion world by storm, is debuting his latest collection, #Bloodline, this Saturday the 7th of May at Zamalek hot spot, The Lemon Tree.

With only 150 select guests chosen to attend and revel at his latest designs, Red.Move.Now has opened the doors for the budding fashion designer to showcase and make it possible for all his needs to be carried out in style.


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