Red Bull Abl El Gig: The Documentary Series Highlighting Egypt’s Rising Underground Bands

Red Bull just introduced yet another new project that will showcase talents from the region, Red Bull Abl El Gig! The new project is a series of documentaries about some of the most promising rising bands in the underground and independent music scene. Red Bull has always been one of the most influential players in the local, regional, and international music scenes, with projects like Red Bull SoundClash, Red Bull Fel Share3, Red Bull Ser El King, Red Bull Jam Houreya, and Red Bull Logha Retm.

The first edition of Red Bull Abl El Gig features one of the most promising bands, Do3souqa and it looks like the series will feature a lot of other interesting projects like Al Mina, Hawas, High Dam, and Kahareb. Check out the series if you’re interested to know more interesting stories from the independent music scene.

WE SAID THIS: Stay tuned for more editions of Red Bull Abl El Gig!