For the Record: Rap it Up



  • Alicia Keys is perfection personified once again in her new song for the Spiderman 2 soundtrack, “It’s On Again”, featuring Kendrick Lamar – look out for Pharrell and Hans Zimmer in the brand new video:


  • 50 Cent is every bit the hustler he claims to be in his new song, aptly named “Hustler”, from his upcoming album Animal Ambition:


  • Meanwhile, Future feels like a winner and Kanye shares what I’m sure is his version of romance in “I Won”:


  • Young Money brings out Tyga, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne for a deeply weird video accompanying new single “Senile”:


  • Although Sky Ferreira‘s new video for “I Blame Myself” is facing criticism and accusations of racism, I have to say the track is simply just fun and catchy:


  • And Wiz Khalifa plays on every stereotype in the book in his new song “We Dem Boyz”:


WE SAID THIS: In case you mixed it, check out the World Cup 2014 official song that came out earlier this month.