For the Record: All About Radiohead’s ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’

Radiohead released their ninth album A Moon Shaped Pool earlier this month and have just kicked off an international tour of the same name this weekend in Amsterdam.

The album includes songs that have been written years ago but never released. First single and track “Burn the Witch” was written in 2000 and “True Love Waits” famously goes back all the way to 1995; the song has been performed live for the past twenty years but this is the first time it’s been recorded.



Second single “Daydreaming” is a weird choice for a single because it’s one of the slower tracks and not actually one of the better ones.



The tracks are listed in alphabetical order, and get progressively better. My favorites are “Identikit” and “The Numbers,” a lovely, transcendent song about environmental destruction with acoustic guitars and soaring strings. It was recently teased with a short video on the band’s Instagram account…





WE SAID THIS: As a whole, ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ straddles the line between eerie and dreamy, reminding long-term fans of an older pre-electronic sound while making the band more accessible for new fans.