Why Islam Fathi’s Captions Are (Probably) Wiser Than Gandhi

via Al Arabiya


There are emos, hipsters, the underground, Maadi expats, metal heads, sha3bi, the farafeer elite and then there is Elfamaysa.


His caption reads: It scares them that you’re different.


Haven’t heard of Islam Fathi yet? Well, we’re sorry to inform you that it’s a definite sign you’ve been trapped in a social media bubble that mainly consists of cute pictures of family and friends. This month, everyone on Egypt’s Facebook must have come across a photo of Islam Fathi.


His caption reads: The best revenge is the one where you become weirder than before.


For the past few years in Egypt, there has been a subculture slowly emerging and we’ve been completely oblivious to its presence. That wild hair style along with tight outfits and model-like poses on social media are known now as ‘Famous’ or as many call the subculture ‘Famaysa.’


His caption reads: I don’t ignore, I just try to keep my soul away from things so it doesn’t emotionally attach to anything.


Thousands of young males out there are rocking the look and becoming quite famous on social media. The latest famous dude to burst everyone’s Facebook bubble is Islam Fathi.


His caption reads: Sometimes you need to just ignore life; ignore events, ignore people, ignore actions, ignore quotes. Get yourself used to ignoring things.


Islam has become viral for some reason, and we’re loving it! Fathi is being subjected to insane bullying over his looks and wardrobe choices, but the guy actually seems to be confidently ignoring it and enjoying his new found fame. While everyone is talking about his sense of fashion, we’ve noticed how wise his captions sound. If you just turn a blind eye to his air blown hair and read his obviously copied captions, they’re pretty entertaining.


His caption reads: I joke with everyone else and I’m sad with you because you know the real me.



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