HOPE: The Egyptian Organization That’s Rescuing Baladi Dogs

Animal rights is an issue that is often looked down upon and made fun of in Egypt; it is seen as an extraneous privilege or luxury.


The general attitude of the Egyptian public opinion holds towards animal rights is that it is an elitist part-time occupation for Egyptian socialites.


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All this, alongside the fact that Egypt contains a large number of individuals who are malnourished and impoverished, has meant that any slight mention of animal rights is likely going to be received with frustration.


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It seems, thus, that the contempt held towards animal rights groups in Egypt originates from an understanding that resources directed towards animal rights lie in direct opposition with resources direct towards human rights.


Mainstream views hold that 1 EGP that goes towards animal rights is not simply 1 EGP that has went towards this cause, rather it is 1 EGP that is not going towards humans who need aid.


This, however, is a problematic notion. Firstly, empathy and aid are principles that are not so easily mutually exclusive.



Secondly, humanity is also a principle that should extent to all creatures: it is inhumane to allocate resources towards animal rights, then the question becomes do stray animals in Egypt receive humane treatment?


We have all seen the video of the dog slaughtered in the street, and we have all seen the photos of the female dog who was extensively abused circulating social media.



Yet, the society that cringes while watching these things happen, would simultaneously readily criticize an organization like HOPE, who aim to help who are choosing to do something for the overall culture of animal rights in Egypt; by rescuing and rehabilitating stray animals, especially dogs.


HOPE also seeks to raise awareness over the issue of how people ought to treat animals, especially stray animals.


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The organization does not only rescue stray animals facing abysmal conditions on the streets, they also help provide them with new homes, medication and physical treatment when necessary, and nutrition.



WE SAID THIS: Find out more about HOPE’s work, and how you can join and help on their Facebook Page.

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