Hungry Jordanian Man Divorces Wife for Snapchatting His Food

via Adweek
via Adweek


Snapchat haters, meet your new hero. A Jordanian man who, according to reports, divorced his wife for not letting him eat before she took a picture of his food for Snapchat.


The reports said the couple was having dinner in a crowded restaurant on Saturday, and the food took over 30 minutes to arrive. So when the food arrived, the hungry man was starving and wanted to start eating. Eyewitnesses claim that whenever the man reached for his food, the wife told him not to eat because she’s still Snapchatting.


The couple started shouting at one another, then the husband proceeded with preventing his wife from photographing the food. The man was heard screaming “enty taleq” (you’re divorced) and left without paying the bills.



WE SAID THIS: Do you think she still got to post the food on Snapchat?