Real Role Models: Mother Photographs Her Daughter Dressed as Inspiring Women

We all know what it was like being five years old and fantasizing about being Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella. The thing is, who wants their daughters to be brought up wanting to be like someone who sneaked out at night to meet a guy or thinks that they have to be kissed to wake up?

Jamie Moore, photographer and mother of a five year old, decided to dress up her little girl as people she actually wanted her to look up to in life.

She asked herself who were the real woman who actually made a difference in this world?

Have a look below at who she picked, inspiring women working in fields as diverse as fashion and aviation. The last picture will definitely put a smile on your face.


Susan B. Anthony



Coco Chanel



Amelia Earhart



Helen Keller



Jane Goodall



The photographer’s daughter, Emma



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