Mommy Diaries: A Note On Raising Daughters


I thank the heavens that my babies are too little to know who Miley the Virus is or any of the Disney rejects. Really I’m so glad that we’re still on princesses and pink.  Well, I was for a while.

Then I started reading all these articles and books about how little girls should be raised. Call your little girl a warrior, never a princess. Let her pick the clothes that make her feel comfortable, not beautiful. Never let her worry about her hair but about her values. Girls should be molded into becoming strong independent women rather than fluffy pretty objects.

Yeah well here’s your reality check. L Boogie is three years old and if it ain’t pink she ain’t havin’ it.

She likes to be clean and neat at all times.

And that’s the way it is.

She likes to twirl in her dress till she gets dizzy. She likes the streamers on her pink bike to match with her pink Crocs. She likes to sing songs that rhyme about hippos and bubbles.

And I’m so totally okay with that. She thinks her hair looks prettiest when its wet and super long. And I want her to appreciate beauty for what its worth. She thinks the girl with super short hair in her class looks like Snow White and only has the nicest things to say about everyone. Well not the boys, but the rest of the girls at least. And that’s OK. If it’s pink she wants, its pink she’ll get. And if she wants to play soccer then so be it. And if she wants to look like a princess, then maybe that’s a good thing. I’d rather her look up to Mulan or Kate Middleton than Miley.