Real-Life Mannequin Causes Uproar At Dubai Festival City Mall

Picture strolling in the mall, window shopping for your next cute outfit, eyes drifting from mannequin to mannequin until your eyes suddenly catch sight of a live model posing from behind the glass. This is a true story, one that took place from within Dubai Festival City Mall and sparked major controversy.

What Is The Story?

The Manto Bride store in Dubai Festival City Mall employed a Dubai-based model by the name of Angelina to pose alongside mannequins as a way to grab the attention of shoppers, a marketing tactic if you like. She was dressed in one of the brand’s gowns and high heels.

When the Ukrainian model shared the video on her Instagram and TikTok, it received thousands of views and hundreds of likes. Then, when Lovin Dubai shared it, the video went viral and racked up thousands of likes.

So, Was It A Marketing Tactic Gone Wrong?

You’d think that the amount of attention the store received from the video would mean thousands of shoppers flocking to its doors. The thing is, even though it racked up thousands of likes and views, it also sparked major controversy all over social media.

Many described the tactic as “inhumane,” with one user describing the whole thing as unnecessary: “This is inhuman. I’m sure her feet hurt like crazy, and when we have regular dummies, why do we even need this?”

Another gave an even more ingenious argument: ” They’ll get the easiest and most prestigious jobs done from AI and the most controversial and challenging ones from humans. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?” 

The comments weren’t all bad, though. Many celebrated the shop’s decision and called it “next-level marketing,” while another user was confused by all the hate: “She can do whatever she wants! Why judge?”

Many believe that Angelina seemed happy to model at the store and that this marketing tactic can be successful. Some users also mentioned other times it actually worked. At the end of the day, the video did rack up thousands of views and went viral.

With all that being said, what is your take? Do you think it was an ingenious marketing tactic or, rather, an inhumane way of placing a brand in the limelight?

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