Dubai Is Redefining Movie-Watching with These Extraordinary Experiences

Going to the cinema is an already immersive and fun experience that allows us to escape for a couple of hours into new worlds, stories, and adventures. Now, with Dubai being Dubai, there has to be that added sprinkle of the city’s own twist of fun. That means upping the ante with new and innovative cinematic experiences.

Movie Eating Experience

Do you know those movies with delicious plates of food that make you want to reach out your hand and take a bite? Well, Dubai turned our dream into a reality by opening the city’s first-ever movie-eating experience. In such a cinema, as you watch the movie, you will be served dishes as they appear in the film.

Let’s say you are watching Ratatouille, and the scene of Reme making soup appears. As you watch the scene, you’ll be served his famous leek and potato soup. To experience it for yourself, book a ticket through their official Instagram page.

Floating Cinema

With new entertainment spots popping up daily across Dubai, you wouldn’t expect to be surprised seeing how there is a splurge of entertainment venues. But nothing could be far from the truth.

Turns out, the city created an unexpected experience unlike any other: a floating cinema. Yes, you heard that right. About an hour away from Dubai, there is a spot called Floté’s Floating Cinema.

Guests access it by walking across a wooden walkway, where they see black-and-white photos of old films. At the end of the boardwalk, a floating boat with seats, a table, and little lamps sits.

You and your friends can take your seat and enjoy the film projected on the massive screen as you gently float on Dubai’s lapping waters. You can book a place starting from 400 AED by texting them on WhatsApp at ‪+971 55 200 3876‬.

Green Room’s Dive-In Cinema

Continuing the theme of water, in Dubai, you don’t only get to watch your film atop a boat but also watch it while swimming in a pool. Green Room’s concept is a dive-in cinema where you can take a dip in the pool and watch a movie on its massive screen.

There are plenty of seating options available. You can either bob around on a pool float while you watch the movie or if you don’t feel comfortable being in the water, pool-side seating, including beanbags and sun beds, is available. They don’t always screen films, so keep an eye on their Instagram page.

VOX Moonlight’s Open-Air Cinema

For the romantic spirits out there, nothing beats a movie under the stars. VOX’s Moonlight open-air cinema at Galleria Mall’s rooftop offers these moonlit showings. You and your lover can snuggle up together on bean bags with footrests or their luxury loungers.

For that added privacy, they even have private cabanas for two, making for a perfect date night for you and your partner. To book, head to the VOX Cinemas website or head to Galleria Mall itself.

Screen X’s Panoramic Cinema

Cinemas already get us up close and personal with our favorite movies but there is a way to up the immersive factor. Meet Screen X’s panoramic cinema, a 270-degree panoramic experience where you will be surrounded by 3 screens offering an immersive dive into the movie.

Why just watch the movie when you can live the movie through this unique cinematic experience? To book a spot, head to Reel Cinemas’ official page.

Next time you suggest to your friends to head to the cinema in Dubai, we have a feeling they won’t be able to say no, knowing that Dubai offers highly immersive, unexpected cinemas.

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