Ramses II’s Sarcophagus Returns To Paris After Over 5 Decades

Nearly 50 years after it was shown in Paris in 1976, Ramses II’s sarcophagus is making yet another return to the city of love. While in Paris, the timeless Egyptian relic will be joining an international touring exhibition called “Ramses the Great and the Gold of the Pharaohs” for a period of 5 months.

During the event where Ramses II was unveiled and celebrated, Egyptian Ambassador in Paris, Alaa Youssef delivered a speech expressing excitement over the exhibition, “the display of this sarcophagus is exceptional and is a tribute to the French scientists who restored and treated the mummy of King Ramses II in 1976”.

Along with Ramses II, a special collection of more than 180 artefacts will be part of the exhibition some of which date back to 3000 years. Some of these artefacts include the restored funerary mask of Egyptian Pharaoh Amenemope as well as furniture from the tombs of Tanis. Beyond the historical items, guests will also get to enjoy a virtual reality experience that will allow them to tour the temples of Abu Simbel and Nefertari.

Beyond Paris, the prominent exhibition has been touring 10 cities around the world since 2021 and once the 5 months are up, its next stop will be Sydney Australia.

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