Ramez Galal’s New Promo Is out, Can We Please Boycott That Attention-Seeking Child?

Via MBCMasr: Mahmoud Hemeda appearing with his pants down during the promo


‘Tis the season for coffee withdrawal, insane rise in prices, mosalsalat (series) marathons and Ramez Galal’s immature prank shows. For years, we have been complaining non-stop about the violence and unnecessary horror he puts his guests through.


Just a few months ago, TV show host, Tony Khalife, went on a YouTube rant to expose his almost-encounter with Galal for his new Ramadan 2017 show.


Via MBC Masr


According to Khalife, the show is staged, stars are previously informed and well-paid for looking like scared little chickens on the show. This year, we aren’t going to blame Ramez himself, because c’mon, who would have a most-viewed show every Ramadan and simply just quit? We won’t even blame MBC Masr. This show is a guaranteed moneymaker, it’s business for them. But we totally blame the viewers.


We all know it’s staged. We all hate his guts. Even those who still doubt the staged part hate his guts even more. But that brings us to the most important bit; who the hell is watching his show and why do they keep watching?


We would mention Hany Ramzy and Mohamed Fouad’s prank shows, but honestly, they are epic fails; production and viewership wise.


Galal’s promo for Ramez Taht El Ard (Under the Ground) garnered five million views in under 11 hours. It is time we boycott this show once and for all. We are the ones who are causing this Ramez Galal epidemic. Just don’t watch the show, even if it’s simply to yell at your TV. Nothing about it is funny, entertaining or suspenseful. This is an attention-seeking child, brain washing all of us to make money.




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