Ramallah’s First-Ever Art Fair; Here’s What You Missed

There are several platforms that support Palestinian talent. One of those platforms is Ramallah’s independent Zawyeh Gallery, which recently opened the first-ever Ramallah Art Fair as a way to support local artists. The exhibition showcases original Palestinian art in affordable prices, in turn, encouraging local collectors to purchase them too.

The art fair, which opened on 14 December and will run until 4 March 2021, features over 100 works by Palestinian artists. Located at Ramallah’s Zawyeh Gallery, the exhibition features artworks by 26 Palestinian artists, most of which were made specifically for the fair. The pieces that are included in the first edition of Ramallah Art Fair are all inspired by Palestinian lives; they explore a number of subjects that affect Palestine and the Palestinians.

The participating artists are: Bashar Khalaf, Rana Samara, Durar Bacri, Ibrahim Al-Mozain, Rawan Khaliliyyeh, Sliman Mansour, Wadea Khaled, Nabil Anani, Tayseer Barakat, Khaled Hourani, Shada Safadi, Fouad Agbaria, Ola Zaitoun, Bashar Alhroub, Yazan Abu Salameh, Fadi Batrice, Hosni Radwan, Munther Jawabreh, Shafik Radwan, Karim Abu Shakra, Sana Bishara, Mahdi Baraghithi, Asma Ghanem, Mohammad Khalil, Maisara Barood, and Fayez Sirsawi.

Scroll down for some of our favorite pieces from Ramallah’s first-ever Art Fair.

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