Is Ramadan’s Biggest Hit ‘Ersem 2albak’ Actually Stolen?

There are so many things you can call Egyptians, but boring is not one of them. Something always has to be happening, and if we get put in a situation where boring is inevitable; we’ll nedrab inevitable bel gazma and make something out of nothing. A few days ago, Magdi Yacoub Foundation released their heartwarming ad, Ersem 2albak, that had celebrities singing and being cute left and right, but of course, we couldn’t just watch the thing, enjoy it and call it a day! How could we? Thousands of Egyptians took to social media to cyberbully Hesham Gamal, one of the people in the ad. Why? Because of his appearance.



More like can we know the secret to your hair? What shampoo and conditioner do you use ya Hesham?




Anyway, now that we’re all over cyberbullying this poor guy, lazem ba2a nela2y 7aga tanya! The Egyptian internet is now accusing the whole team for ripping off the ad from the “God Only Knows” music video by One Direction, Lorde, Pharrell and Elton John.




Okay fine, they do look a little bit similar. But so what? Maybe that video inspired them to make theirs. Maybe it was all just an absolute coincidence. Like begad, coincidences happen…




Like this top Hesham Gamal is wearing that looks exactly like Justin Bieber’s from the Santa Claus Is Coming to Town music video! Yalahwi, did they rip off that video too?







Bel mara ba2a ne2ool Nelly Karim looked like Elsa and Tinkerbell and they ripped off Frozen and Peter Pan! 





People need to seriously chill! Most things in your life are not original. The Ugly Betty TV show was actually a remake of a Columbian telenovela called Yo soy Betty, la fea. Those fabulous shoes you’re probably wearing right now are not your idea, because you probably saw them on an influencer’s Instagram and bought them. Like for real, can we just watch the Magdi Yacoub ad one last time and just enjoy it men gher manetkalem?




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