Questions You Should Never Ever Ask Your Orthodontist About Braces

I feel bad for dentists; I never understood why they are always called suicidal. Now 13 years later, I think I get it. It’s the patients, especially ones seeking orthodontic treatment. The non-compliant ones have the ability to drive us over the edge and make us forget all about the cooperative ones we love. With all this being said, if you are seriously considering getting braces and have already done a thorough google search into Dentist Little Falls if you live in New Jersey for example, then it would be important to ask questions regarding your treatment. But make sure they are questions you genuinely want to know the answer to. For example, you could ask what they are doing at each appointment, if you are apprehensive about what treatment you will be getting, but there is a difference between asking a question to be informed and making a request that inconveniences your Dentist in Newmarket.

Have mercy on your orthodontist and avoid these questions for a healthier doctor/patient relationship:

How long will it take to straighten my teeth?

Honestly an orthodontist will give you a time range. He might say 12-18 months or more, but just to make your life easier add at least 6 months to that range. Put in consideration that you might miss appointments and unexpected changes in the treatment plan.


Can you move my teeth faster?

No. If I force the teeth to move beyond the optimal speed and force, it will harm both the teeth’s roots and the bone surrounding them. You do not want to end up with loose teeth. You need to show up on the scheduled appointment, be patient and accept that it is a time consuming process that will be worth it in the end.

Is it okay if I eat chewing gum and cucumber?

Let me tell you this, every time a bracket (the metal part of the braces attached to your tooth) comes off while eating, a part of your orthodontist’s sanity is lost. It leaves the worst impression and drives us insane. That being said, eat whatever you want, just be extra careful with sticky and hard food.


I’m leaving the country for 6 months. Can my teeth wait mid-treatment?

This never ends well. Not changing the wire and O-ties for months can be extremely detrimental for the dental hygiene. You will most probably end up with unattached brackets, which is a nerve-wrecking nightmare for any orthodontist.

Even if you decide to follow up with an orthodontist in another country temporarily, it will not be easy to find one who is willing to waste his time just for follow ups due to financial reasons and he might have a different treatment plan than your Dentist in Avon Lake or elsewhere, which is unfavorable.


Why will I extract 4 teeth? My friend’s teeth looked the same and she didn’t remove anything.

You might think your friend’s case was similar, yet it doesn’t necessarily mean you are right. Each case management is different, both of your teeth are not the same size, neither are your jaws or facial dimensions. If you need another opinion, ask another orthodontist for confirmation, not your friend.

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Is it painful?

You will hardly feel any pain through most of the main procedures, maybe just a little discomfort when you first place the braces.

My wedding is next month. Can I remove the braces and put them back after the honeymoon?

Absolutely unacceptable. Not only are you delaying the treatment, you will most probably not return immediately after the honeymoon so a part of the progress will relapse and you will have to place braces on your teeth all over again which is traumatic and means more expenses because it has to be a new set.


I know you recommend the metal braces but can you use the transparent one?

It is very important that you do enough research before starting treatment. During your visit, the orthodontist will give you different options but will most probably recommend the best type of braces that suits your case.

At the end of the day most patients are concerned about esthetics and they will always ask for the transparent aligners or lingual braces. However if your orthodontist says they are not recommended for your case, then they are not. Do not go to the next dentist who will listen to you just to make some money, you need to do what is right for you dentally not just esthetically.


Do I have to wear the retainer?

Yes, in most cases if you don’t use a retainer after treatment, you will notice relapse, which means a regress in the final treatment results. It doesn’t matter how many times the orthodontist recommends it, some patients get careless and end up asking for another round of braces years later. If he says you need one, trust him.

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