6 Reasons Why a Woman’s Girlfriends Are More Useful than a Boyfriend

As beautiful and fulfilling being in love can be, there will always be a reason to never let go of your girlfriends. If you have been blessed with a non-toxic group of ladies – which by the way is just as hard to find and maintain as a good partner – you must hold on tight, because for better or worse, these women have your back.


They will never say anything if you gain weight



That’s if they’re real friends, and yes I want them to lie to me if it means I’m happy. Yet even when they decide to share the truth for some tough loving, women are mostly fine with it. Unlike with a lover, if he dares to imply or even ask if you’re a little bit rounder, raging volcanoes of estrogen erupt silently because you will never admit being offended. We simply give them the renowned RBF-resting bit*h face.



Your TV shows preferences are almost identical


Have you ever seen women fighting over the remote control? No. We don’t necessarily watch the same shows, but if my friends are over and I’m watching Mohanad and Samar and crying over the stupidest dialogue ever written, I will not be judged. There will be no “offff”, “ewww” or “give me a break”. Just me, Mohanad and Samar in total bliss.



Girlfriends’ trips are liberating



If you live in a Middle Eastern country, you must realize living with parents when you are over 25 can be stressful and your privacy is ripped away, not to mention the sheer pressure to find a husband. As amazing as travelling with your partner can be, nothing beats a girls’ trip. You are simply liberated. You are safe with your squad, surrounded with love and laughing non-stop. The same goes for men; there is an unexplained awesomeness about same-sex trips.



They never get bored, no matter how many times you repeat a story



 I have only heard of two types of boyfriends, one who spaces out when you repeat a story and analyze every angle of it just to waste time and another who tells you, “Hey, didn’t we just talk about that?”

This leaves us with nothing but the one hour long girlfriends’ phone calls followed by the girlfriends’ hangout to rehash what’s been covered over the phone, then the best friends‘ group chat to thank them for their support and maybe share your feelings one more time.



If you are too lazy when it comes to fashion, they will always update and inspire you


courtesyofluxereduxbridalboutique.com_In every group of girlfriends there is a girl or two who are obsessed with Instagram, fashion bloggers and E!’s fashion police. You can be as lazy and clueless as you want and not give a hell about fashion trends because you know when there’s a wedding or a party coming up, you will find a savior.



They understand your dance moves and will synchronize with you in a second



You are on the dance floor in a wedding, the song “shik shak shok” starts playing and you do this weird choreography. If you are one of the few lucky ones who went to a girls only school, you will find your squad next to you, understanding your moves and believing in the power of the weird shoulder shake. If you are a woman, you will understand the importance of dance floor bonding.


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