Types of Braces You Can Find in Cairo

Many Cairenes constantly complain of the hassle of getting braces in Egypt. With all the information available online, people frequently wonder what to believe, what works better for them and where they can find these products.

That being said, it is of crucial importance to do your homework and understand what is available in the Egyptian market before heading to the orthodontist’s clinic.

These are the types of braces you can find in Cairo:



Metal braces



Now that you’ve done your research, if you need braces, you’ll find that this is the most common type you may come across. Every orthodontist would be a professional when it comes to using them and many solely recommend them. Not only are they the most efficient type when it comes to treatment, especially complicated cases, but also the cheapest. The only drawback would be their unaesthetic appearance.



Ceramic braces



This is the second most common type of braces you will find at your orthodontist’s clinic. The ceramic braces are considered the more aesthetic version of the metal ones where you can get the same results.

You will definitely have to pay a little bit more for their appealing look. Due to their brittle nature, they are prone to fracture, yet this is uncommon.



Braces on the inner surface of the tooth (lingual braces)



This is the most advanced type of braces you can find in Cairo. They are placed on the inner surface of the teeth, so that when you are talking or smiling, no one can see them. This can be perfect for older patients who might be ashamed of wearing the metal braces.

A lot of people think they would not be comfortable due to their constant friction with the tongue, yet research has shown that patients get used to them pretty fast.

There are two types of lingual braces in Cairo: a ready-made type used for simple cases and a more efficient but expensive one that is custom made to fit your own teeth and case. The problem you will face with this type of braces is that only a few orthodontists in Cairo know how to use them.



Invisible aligners



Without a doubt this is the most aesthetic way of fixing your teeth, but in no way the best. Pretty, cheap and fast doesn’t necessarily mean efficient. These aligners are only recommended for extremely simple cases with end results that are less than perfect.

Unfortunately, it is a trend in Egypt and a constant source of battles between general practitioners (your dentist) and orthodontists. Many dentists consider them a magical fix that don’t need clinical skills – this is completely false and you should only get an aligner at a professional orthodontist who can properly assess your case.

There are some brands that are better than others, yet unfortunately many practitioners choose cheap ones and charge patients a large amount. You need to be very careful when this is your choice of treatment.



WE SAID THIS: Children as young as nine years old should start following up with an orthodontist if they show early signs of dental problems.