POV: Dining At An Authentic Egyptian Seafood Restaurant In NYC

Imagine getting to bite into a delectable thick crusted pan-seared fish, drizzled with just the right amount of oil and lemon. Such a dish is pretty common in Alexandria, Egypt’s bustling port city but that is not the only place you can enjoy it. Across the Atlantic Ocean, opening its doors to the masses is a dining spot called Hamido Seafood bringing a taste of Egypt all the way to the US at NYC.

Family-owned, Moghared Mansy, known as Rudy, and his cousin Mohamed Abuker opened Hamido Seafood 4 years ago. Being born and raised at the port city of Alexandria, where the sea is known as the beating heart of the city, inspired the two to bring that same spirit to the US.

Hamido doesn’t just serve up a typical Alexandrian menu of seafood items, it also serves up the unique experience of having seafood at an Egyptian restaurant. Guests arriving at the restaurant are welcomed and directed to a fish counter where a variety of freshly caught seafood sits atop mounds of crushed ice.

From bouri fish to orange-hued shrimp, they not only get to pick their seafood but also decide on how it gets cooked. Grilled, roasted with lemon and oil or fried, the options are endless. With Hamido, expect a seafood feast with specialties like sizzling calamari tajine, juicy scallops, fried calamari, jumbo shrimp and a highly seasoned snapper.

If you are craving a taste of the Alexandrian seaside and its fresh catch, be sure to hit up Hamido at Astoria.

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