Picture of the Day: The Late Sheikh Zayed With Dr. Makhlouf, the Man Behind Abu Dhabi’s City Plans

Citizens and residents of the UAE, especially those residing in the capital, know that the name Dr. Abdulrahman Hassanein Makhlouf has always been associated with the country’s capital, Abu Dhabi, considering he was the master planner behind it.

Dr Makhlouf studied Architecture at Cairo University, following which he completed his post-graduate studies in Germany, and later obtained a Ph.D. in Town Planning. He was invited by the UAE’s founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, after his work came to his attention, and especially because he wanted an Arab so he wouldn’t need a translator. Dr Makhlouf understood the vision of the late Sheikh Zayed well, and contributed to the creation of an identity for the city we know today. Dr Makhlouf is the founder of the Abu Dhabi planning department, Sheikh Zayed Stadium, the the old central market in the city of Al Ain, among many others.

This picture shows the late Sheikh Zayed with Dr Makhlouf pointing to a feature in the design of Abu Dhabi.

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