Former Miss Egypt Yara Naoum Is Making Headlines After Accusations of Classism Go Viral

A Facebook post by an Egyptian woman called Bassant Elkady went viral yesterday and got everyone raging because of what it involved from racism and social class discrimination.

The lady explained that she was at AlBatros White Beach pool in Hurghada with her family and their babysitter, when she was approached by Yara Naoum’s mother who told her that she will not get into the pool if the babysitter goes in, and later a lifeguard, who asked her that the babysitter changes her cotton wear to swimwear. Following which, the lady asked her babysitter to change into a waterproof burkini.

According to Elkady, when the babysitter changed and was back and into the pool, Yara began to yell at her for allowing the woman into the pool, and accused the woman of being unclean and “having lice”, going as far as saying that she “shouldn’t be forced to swim in a pool after a babysitter”. When the hotel management got involved, they apologized for the entire situation, and clearly stated that they allow all guests, regardless of their jobs, and that they have no issue with burkinis.

امبارح السبت ١٨ /٧ /٢٠٢٠ انا و جوزى وولادى و البيبى سيتر كنا موجودين فى Albatros White Beach, Hurghadaو احنا نازليين…

Posted by Bassant Elkady on Saturday, July 18, 2020

Although the post only included Yara Naoum, and her husband, Emad Meteab’s initials, people easily figured out who the story was about.

Naoum later responded in a Facebook post explaining that the story that has gone viral is false, and narrating her side. She said that the nanny went into the swimming pool in “regular clothes”, so she was supporting the hotel management’s policy, to ensure public safety, especially during the current circumstances, in asking people to adhere to the regular swimwear, whether veiled or unveiled.

She also stressed that she, and her husband, respect all community members, highlighting that what happened to her is “deliberate defamation” and that she plans to take legal measures against it.

‎بشأن ما تم تداوله من أخبار مغلوطه علي بعد مواقع التواصل الإجتماعي بشأن قيامي و زوجي بالتعدي علي حرية بعض الاشخاص بحجة…

Posted by Yara Naoum on Sunday, July 19, 2020

There were several comments on Naoum’s post, expressing their disbelief and supporting her, with many saying that those who know her well, know that she would never do anything like that.

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