Is ‘Welad Rezk’ Coming Back as a TV Series Next Year? Find Out More

Via Misr El Arabeya

The first and second parts of “Welad Rizk” were hands down two of the most popular movies in the last decade! With the second movie surpassing EGP100 million, everyone expected that things would only get bigger from there. The movie series has everything necessary for success, from a star-studded cast that includes Ahmed Ezz, Ahmed El Fishawy, Karim Kassem, Amr Youssef, and Mohamed Mamdouh, to interesting villains, top-notch action, exciting story, the direction of Tarek El Erian, and the music of Hesham Nazih.

The man behind this story, renowned writer Salah El Gehiny, announced last year in an interview that he’s creating a cinematic universe with this movie series. He said that there might be three spin-offs before they produce the third movie! The announcement was huge and people were expecting big things out of it, especially that it was announced back then that the first spin-off will feature Egyptian Superstar Asser Yassin.

In another, more recent groundbreaking announcement, Salah shared a Facebook post that announced that “Welad Rizk” will be turned into a TV Series that will be streamed on an international streaming platform. It’s unclear now whether that platform is Netflix, HBO, Hulu, or another, but it was said in the post that he’s currently working with the production team of the major hit series “Westworld”!

While sharing the post, he commented, “After a year of work, I can promise you that you’ll have something very big soon,” and added a statement that might explain the lore or backstory of the series; “Misr El Adeema was very controlled, and it was hard for anyone new to emerge in it, but Welad Rizk came and changed the whole equation.”

We can’t wait to know more about this promising project, finally get to know what will happen to ‘welad Rizk’, and get more backstory for the interesting characters in this universe, like Mohamed Lotfy, Khaled El Sawy, Eyad Nassar, and more. According to his post, the series will come out in 2021, so stay tuned!

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