Pepsi’s ‘Liter of Light’ Initiative Brings the Ramadan Spirit to Villages in Upper Egypt

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Ramadan is all about family, festivities, giving back and good deeds. But have you thought about how people in the villages with no electricity celebrate Ramadan?

Hussein JasmiWhile we’re putting up lights and decorations, others who are less fortunate scramble in the dark, leaving out a huge part of the Ramadan spirit.

This year, PepsiCo, Egyptian NGO Misr El Kheir and solar energy startup SunUtions are bringing the festive Ramadan spirit to the villages of Upper Egypt with their “Liter of Light” initiative.

Liter of Light provides light using recycled empty plastic Pepsi bottles filled with chlorine. They are connected to solar panels and batteries that absorb and store solar light, offering an eco-friendly and dependable light source.




We all feel the urge to do good deeds more than ever in Ramadan, but the biggest difference is made when everyone plays a role, even if it is just a small one.

Encouraging its consumers to be a part of their interactive campaign, PepsiCo has collaborated with Misr Al Kheir Foundation in the hopes of reaching more villages in Upper Egypt.

So how to help? With every Liter of Light donation made to Misr Al Kheir, you’ll be lighting up someone’s home or someone’s street and making a huge difference. All it takes is an SMS to Misr Al Kheir Foundation for only 5 EGP with the word “Nour” or “نور” to 9597.

We freak out when the electricity cuts and our lives seems to come to a halt, so imagine how much easier you could make someone’s life with just a bit of light.




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