Pepsi Levels Up Its Social Media Game and You Should Follow in Its Footsteps

Via Pepsi

Every Ramadan we probably wait for commercials more than we wait for TV series themselves. We wait to see who did what; who’s singing, who came up with something super creative, who’s there with the greatest come back for their competitors, and who deserves the best ad award.

We got used to seeing extraordinary campaigns from Pepsi; especially the nostalgia-fueled ads. However, this time Pepsi decided to take a different turn, for the better of course. After they tried the digital approach last year, they finally discovered the true power of social media and they’re utilizing it big time.

Since the big event is coming up and everyone is all about it, Pepsi chose this as the main focus of its campaign. However, it chose to engage and interact with consumers rather than just exposing them to advertising material. And what’s a better way to do that than social media? With its latest campaign, Pepsi opened a new communication channel between the players and their supporters by going all digital. Not just that, but the entire campaign was actually shot using a mobile phone! They took flexibility to a whole new level.

For the past five years, Pepsi has been encouraging people to come together through their campaigns, but since our champions will be swamped with training, they won’t be able to get together with their loved ones. However, since Pepsi’s partnered with the Egyptian national team, it’ll bring all the players’ news to the fans and will bring all the crowd’s cheering and pep to the players. This way, the team and their loving fans can get together like never before.

The campaign revolves around the boot camp period taking place during Ramadan. Pepsi is airing it all online and football superstar, Saad Samir, is there for the coverage, via smartphone of course, along with Tarek Hamed, Marwan Mohsen, Shenawy, and Awad. It’s not ordinary coverage though, it involves singing too!

Pepsi has proved to everyone that social media is the future; it’s a better means of communication with consumers packed with endless personalization. Pepsi didn’t stop there though, they asked fans to take videos with their friends singing the songs the national teams are singing in the ads. The best videos will be chosen to be reposted so that the team and everyone else could see them.

WE SAID THIS: Hats off to Pepsi’s marketing team! You guys are doing it right!

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