People to Follow: Video Blogger Haya Borham’s Content is a Must-Watch for Arab Gamers

Via Haya's Instagram

No one would have guessed that the video games and eSports industry will grow to be this big, a multi-billion dollar industry that people passionately follow and engage in. The gaming scene in the Arab World has been booming recently, with big events, competitions, summits, and with Arab eSports teams making it to the international level. Gamers of the region enjoy the content that is specially curated and caters to their language and culture, that’s why we all enjoy videos of Arab gamers, streamers, and reviewers.

Today we’re highlighting one of the most talented Arab content creators in the gaming scene, Haya Borham. The blogger used to create content for The Video Game Blog and Arab Hardware, and she now creates content for one of the biggest gaming websites in the world, IGN Middle East!

Her videos cover everything from video game news and insights about different gaming consoles to what to expect in upcoming games and much more. You can check out her videos by following her on Instagram, or subscribing to the YouTube Channel of IGN Middle East.

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