15 Types of People You See in Dubai Nightclubs

By Monaliza A. Semerdjian



It’s a weekend night, and you are ready to part-aay and hit the club. As we all know, nightclubs provide you with a cast of characters that will amaze, disgust and never fail to entertain. You might not notice that you end up under one of these categories, and you pray your heart out not to be on that list, but it’s too late my friend–it’s inevitable. Welcome to the club list. Here are 15 people you can’t help but run into.




The Early Birds


1. Early birds

They arrive at 9 pm, ladies get their free drinks, get drunk, dance all over every surface and pass out before the evening even starts.



A Girl on a Mission


2 girl on a mission

This type of girl you’ll find positioned at the bar, starting her scanning process, doing her filtration and weighing her options. If it’s past midnight and she still hasn’t pulled, you’ll find her venturing out into the middle of the dance floor, stumbling into guys until one takes her home.



The Pack (of Gals)


3. The Pack (of Gals)2

The Pack is the strongest in the club. You see them migrating to the bathroom together, having each other’s back and don’t need men to share their fun. Nothing beats a girl’s night out and crazy twerking tushees that send the night in a good direction.


The Selfie Taker



I’m not even gonna go there..




The Break Up Scene


5. The Break Up Scene

“Were you checking her out?”

“No, definitely NOT!”

“Why are you lying? I SAW YOU!”

“OMG maybe we’re just not meant to be.”

Girl storms out, bursting in tears. Boy goes to the bar, grabs a drink and looks over, finds the girl he was checking out earlier, tries to strike up a convo..and you know the rest.

End of scene.


The couple who needs to get a room AKA The Face Suckers

6. The couple who needs to get a room AKA The Face Suckers 2

This couple doesn’t seem to be aware there are other people in the room; leaves people wishing they would’ve saved something for the bedroom.

The Smooth Talker



That’s the guy who’s got the lines. He claims that he just “wants to talk,” but we all know your motives, sir. Don’t you think we can see your arm itching to reach out?




The Texter



You find this creature standing in the middle of the dance floor, holding her phone, checking her Twitter, in the middle of the dance floor, reading the comments and giggling, in the middle of the dance floor, texting, in the middle of the dance floor, acting like it’s ok to do that while Rihanna is playing. No one is more important than Rihanna.


The Rich Gang


9. The Rich Gang

You can’t miss the Armani, Ferragamo, YSL (you name it) suits and the reminiscent smells of the exorbitant perfumes. Their reserved tables are filled with bottles of fine champagne. Oh, and you can’t also miss their entourage of models.




The Drunken Peeps


10. The Drunken Peeps

You know where to find them.



The Girls Who’ll Look Perfect on Instagram Tomorrow

11. The Girls Who’ll Look Perfect on Instagram Tomorrow.

These girls don’t get drunk. They just keep sipping vodka and tonic every two hours so they could maintain their looks for the photos they are gonna take of themselves later.

The guy who’s giving it a second try

12. The guy who’s giving it a second try2

He’s baaack.



The Guy on the Grind AKA The Groover

13. The Grinder

That’s the guy who’s too into his own dancing to notice anyone around him. You can find him in the corner, in the middle of the dance floor, even by the bar doing his thing. YAAS, he’s fearless.




The Old Bachelor

14. The Old Bachelor

There’s always this mid-30s or 40s guy with George Clooney’s looks who spent most his life saving up and waiting for the right woman to settle down with. He’s got a full job, health insurance and hopefully no secret illegitimate child around your age.




The Girl Who is Just There to Dance


15. The Girl Who is Just There to Dance

Just there to work it.



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