6 Inventions We Owe to Ancient Egyptians

As Egyptians, our ancestors are a continued source of pride, I mean we continue to live off their accomplishments and to this very day we have not come close to achieving half of what they have achieved. Whether it’s the pyramids, the fact that they were one of the first civilizations on Earth, not to mention one of the strongest, or all the artifacts that we continue to hail as national treasure to this very day, it’s no wonder that the Egyptians are revered worldwide.

Yet even all that was mentioned above, is nothing compared to all what the ancient Egyptians have given us, no day passes without us seeing their hand in our everyday lives.

Paper and ink


Using papyrus sheets, our decedents were the first to ever write anything other than stone, not to mention they created the ink as well. Now every time you see a book or a piece of paper just remember that we might have not had them if it wasn’t for the Pharaohs.

Makeup/Freshening up


Imagine a world where you wake up and just go out, without brushing your hair or teeth and no makeup? Sounds like a nightmare for you and everyone that has to see you. If it wasn’t ancient Egyptians well that would be the case, because they cared a lot about how they looked and they appeared they developed a lot of material that we still use to this very day including make-up, hairbrushes, toothpaste and perfume. So next time, you get all glammed up and feel so good about yourself and get a hundred likes on that selfie, remember that you have your ancestors to thank for that.

Air conditioner


Imagine surviving this summer without air conditioners…. A couple of years ago that would seem like torture, but this year it would be impossible! Thank god our ancestors once again came through, using water, straw beds and an incredible knowledge of chemistry, they were able to create the very first prototypes of an air conditioner and earn the gratitude of billions worldwide.



So much of, well, EVERYTHING depends on ships, and that was no different thousands of years ago. Egyptians realized that in order for them to conquer the world back then, they had to conquer the sea as well as the land, and they did. Becoming the first people to ever use sail on ships, they were able to make their everyday life easier as well as long journeys, helping them become the civilization that we know and are in awe of today.




Becoming the first people to ever domesticate animals, we have them to thank for our furry friends. Just think of a world where nobody has dogs or cats, and you go home to be greeted with an empty apartment instead of a dog barking and jumping up and down, the best part of their day is seeing you….definitely would be a much colder world.

Measuring time


Work meetings, wedding date, birthdays and all that business would not be a thing if it weren’t for the Pharaohs.

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