How to Party in Sahel On a Budget: A 1000 EGP Budget

Okay, so before you get super offended by the title, we all need to face the fact that this year’s prices in Sahel have hit the roof, penetrated it, reached the moon and are sitting back laughing at us.


We understand that nightlife isn’t for everyone, however for the many of us who patiently wait for summer’s guiltless debauchery, Sahel is our partying haven. So obviously we need to find a way to party all weekend without ending up being broke until we get our next paycheck, take a bank loan or ask baba for masrouf.


You might think ‘OMG, 1000 EGP? Has Scoop Empire gone mad?’, but this painful side of Egypt exists whether we like it or not. So let us break down for you how much each of Sahel’s top outings will cost you. These next 6 venues are the most-talked about spots in 2016 and the only ones that are worthy of your cash.


6ix Degrees




An awesome venue, with a killer line of acts, hot go-go and belly dancers and may I add that their Ramy DJunkie’s nights are insane. Prices range from (EGP 400 – bar, EGP 450/person – high table, EGP 600/person – lounge).






A beach bar located in Hacienda that has taken the Sahel by storm. From pizzas that will leave your mouth watering until the end of August to cocktails that look like a dream. If you’re in the mood for some socializing and food porn, expect to pay at least EGP 350.

Just last weekend byGanz threw one of their signature parties in Andiamo, prices ranged from (EGP 400 – bar, EGP 450/person – high table, EGP 600/ person – lounge). But we all know no matter how much they cost, we’re going.


Club Central




We are absolutely obsessed with Sahel’s newest club. Three different themes and genres each weekend (House, Hip-Hop and Cabaret). It has something for literally everyone. Prices range from (EGP 400 – bar, EGP 450/person – high table, EGP 500/ person – lounge).




Photo credit: Youssef Khalil
Photo credit: Youssef Khalil


Fine dining heaven, out of this world food, stellar crowd and somewhere to unleash your inner diva. Don’t expect a party however starting 1 AM, music gets louder and people start blissfully swaying. The perfect ambience comes along with an EGP 400 minimum charge.


Back 2 Basics




A never ending series of hard core dancing and wicked music. If you missed the first party, you don’t need to worry, you might still have more chances to attend a B2B night. Tickets range from (EGP 400 – Bar, EGP 500 high table and lounge).


And finally one of my favorite spots in Cairo, The Tap North




Imagine The Tap East with a pool and the best music you will ever listen to while making a fool out of yourself in water. Your minimum charge is EGP 250 on weekends and again, don’t miss their Ramy DJunkie pool parties.



Tayeb hane3mel eh? Hane3mel gadwal for each weekend and this is where you should go



If you’re a student, you don’t want to ask your dad for more than 650 L.E


The Tap North: EGP 250

Club Central or Back 2 Basics bar: EGP 400

Total: EGP 650/ weekend


If you’re dating and trying to impress, you only get one outing because you will pay for the girl


Sachi for 2: EGP 800


6IX Degress or byGanz party bar for 2: EGP 800

Total: EGP 800/ weekend


If you are an Egyptian doctor with a case of salary blues, go where the dancers are, spoil youself, yemken terakhi!


6ix Degrees or byGanz party lounge: EGP 600

Club Central or Back 2 Basics bar: EGP 400

Total: EGP 1000/weekend


If your kids go to international schools, I would suggest you save every penny but honestly you need a weekend for yourself to forget and just DANCE!


6ix Degrees or byGanz high table: EGP 450

Club Central high table: EGP 450

Total: EGP 900/weekend


If you are the lucky ones working in the advertising field or a hipster CEO


6ix Degrees or byGanz lounge: EGP 600

Andiamo: EGP 350

Sachi: EGP 400

Total: EGP 1350…oops! Hey, you can afford it.


If you are only going to Sahel once, you need to experience the best of the best


6ix Degrees or byGanz bar: EGP 400

The Tap North: EGP 250

Club Central bar: EGP 400

Total: EGP 1050/ weekend


If you can only afford one party, after years of Sahel partying I can tell you this:


You either go to a byGanz event or find where the hell Ramy DJunkie is and channel your inner Britney Spears.



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