Celebrating Saeed Saleh: Laugh It Out with Saleh’s Timeless Sense of Humor

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Since today’s the birthday of one of the main pillars of classical comedy in Egypt, Saeed Saleh – known for his most popular roles as “Sultan” in “El 3eyal Kebret” and “Morsi’ in “Madrasset El Moshaghbeen”, he’s also known for going off-script and still making the audience laugh their hearts out- we’ve decided to round up a list of his most hilarious lines and scenes that are guaranteed to make you grin.

1) Have you ever had a hard time studying and all you could think of was this scene from ” El 3eyal Kebret”, making your misery somewhat delightful.


2) Ana mo3tared!


3) “El ostaz Ramdan Abou sora? Asdak Ramadan El Sokary ya mohtaram, ya seedy aho kolo bortoqal”



4)   “El bet okhty en7arafet walla eh ya ged3an”



5)  “Azaker w anga7? el etnen!”



6) ” Ablety Ablety omy betsalem 3aleeky w bt2olek maleeny wahda wahda”


7) ” Morsi ebn el m3allem el zanati et.hazam ya menss!”

8) ” Te3raf eh 3an el manteq? a3raf en lama wahed yedrab wahed 3ala dmagho yo2a3, may7otsh manteq.”



WE SAID THIS: Sana 7elwa ya gameel, Rabena yer7amak <3