Celebrating JK Rowling and Harry Potter: All the JK Rowling Witty Tweets



Hey, Potter-heads! It’s the 31st of July! It’s the day two very precious persons were born, happy birthday lovely people!

Some hours ago Rowling was celebrated with a very British cake:


“I got a cake in the shape of King’s Cross at midnight” ?

  • Via Rowling’s Twitter.





We have to celebrate JK Rowling by remembering the extremely witty remarks she’s been tweeting the past few years.


1. On Misogyny



2. On Electoral Rights and Democracy



3. On Gay Marriage



4. On Coexistence 



5. On Spontaneity 



6. On Being Just Fed Up With Denying Rumours of the Cursed Child Being a Prequel

If you don’t get the following tweet, click for the entire thread and laugh your head off!



WE SAID THIS: Twitter hasn’t been ruled by a better queen. Happy birthday, JK Rock-and-Rowling <3