13 Amazing Ideas for an Outdoor Date in Cairo

Going on a date could be one of the most anticipated events of your day. But it’s becoming harder to find and appreciate romance in  the country with all the instability it’s going through, both politically and economically. Not to mention that most restaurants that are considered romantic require you to fork out quite a bit of cash. However, there are always ways to find some romance in this older-than-time city. And although just sitting down on a sidewalk with the right person could be considered a great date, it’s a good idea to mix it up every now and then.

Some of the following ideas are tried and tested, but some are new. Some need you to have some cash on you and some cost a mere 5 pounds. So whether you’ve been together for a month or been married  for 20 years, ditch the typical 3-course dinner in Spectra and go on one of the following dates:



Go to a concert or a gig



The music scene in Egypt has been thriving lately, with new bands and concepts coming out every day. It doesn’t have to be your favorite band playing for the date to take place, just pick something that’s close to the interests of both of you. If you’re looking for something casual, El Sawy Culturewheel holds gigs and concerts almost daily.

However, if you want a true romantic affair you have to attend a night at the opera. The Cairo Opera House provides a wide range of musical talents, not just operatic. So dress up your finest and get ready to spend a magical night, just like the ones you watch in movies.





Go on a picnic



Fall is the perfect season in Cairo to go picnicking, as the summer heat simmers down and the weather becomes generally pleasant and predictable. Being the biggest green space in Cairo, Al Azhar Park provides the perfect place to get lost in. If you want a much less crowded place, go to the Child’s Park in Nasr City.Before you laugh at the whole idea, you should know that it doesn’t really have to do anything with children more than any other park. Besides, it is one of the most well-kept parks in Cairo and the beauty of the greenery there is unparalleled.

You can always go to the good ol’ Aquarium Grotto Garden, as well. Besides being an old favorite date spot for Egyptians, it holds a number of events throughout the year that will generally make great dates. Whichever one you choose to go to, make sure to do it on a weekday, preferably in the morning, for more exclusivity. Make some sandwiches or buy a few pastries and a couple of boxes of juice and enjoy the utter simplicity and beauty of the green spaces.




Let your inner child out at Dream Park


Like with the parks, don’t think about going there on a weekend, as it’s going to be really crowded. The good thing about this half-a-day of a date is that you get to bond without having to spend the entire time talking and thinking of things to say. Just go, play, release your inner child and have fun! If all goes down smoothly, this could be one of the most memorable days of your relationship.




Take a stroll down Kobry Asr El Nil


1 (7)
(Ahmed Tawakol/National Geographic)

There is something extremely romantic about this bridge, in particular (maybe it’s the lions?). However, the sheer number of people and cars present on it at any given point of the day could seriously ruin the mood. So go there after (almost) everyone has slept and just walk leisurely up and down the bridge until the sun comes out (or until you start to feel it’s unsafe).





Opt for a breakfast instead of dinner



It’s much less of a cliche and restaurants (and streets) will be much less crowded in the morning. The early hours also provide a more casual and relaxed atmosphere. There are many good breakfast spots scattered around the city that cater for every taste. What if you’re not a morning person? Well this just adds to the fun of the whole thing (unless you’re an absolute grump fest when you wake up, then move to the next idea)!





Try a cooking class


Few things in life are more sensual than cooking! Cooking classes are a win-win idea because you learn a few skills that you could use everyday in the kitchen, you learn how to cooperate as a team, and the best part is that the result of your hard work goes straight to your stomach.

Now this is not the cheapest date, but think of it as a multiple-course dinner with some knife skills on the side. Lulu’s Kitchen provides a very cozy environment as classes have a maximum of 6 students, but if you’re hell serious about letting your inner chef shine through try the cooking classes offered by the Egyptian Chefs Association throughout each month.





Watch a football game at your local cafe


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It’s about time we put our obsession with football into good use. Again this one is for those who want to have a bit of fun without leaving their comfort zone. Since Egyptian football has been clinically dead since the Jan25th revolution, we suggest sticking to European leagues or other major football events when in action.

Pick a night where your favorite team is playing or where a major game is being held (think UCL’s finale), choose a cafe with a big screen and a nice seating area (we know Cairo is anything but short of these) and scream and cheer your lungs out while watching the game.

Now I understand that football is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s always good to keep an open mind. Unless one of you finds football to be absolutely pointless, this should be a fun change.




Travel back in time at Groppi


(Rami Abbad/Retroscapes)

This was the ultimate go-to date spot for our ancestors. I’m just gonna come out and admit this: the food here is not good! However, just sitting there, watching Talaat Harb square go by while sipping on a cup of tea brings such a beautiful air of nostalgia. Simple, maybe unnecessary, but it is definitely more special than sitting at any of today’s big chain cafes. Let it’s unmistakable green sign take you back to the heyday of Cairo.





Take a horse-drawn carriage “7antour” in Zamalek


Edfu, Egypt - carriage ride


If you can get past the horse’s smell, you will find this experience highly rewarding. It transports you to another, simpler time and the trip down the quieter streets of Zamalek in the evening is just charming. If you want the driver to take a certain route, tip him decently and ask the him to do so.





Inject a dose of adrenaline rush in your day


This is for the adventure junkies out there. Surprisingly, Cairo is not short on adrenaline-releasing activities. The most commonly known of them is paintball, and this one is perfect for group dates or if you just want to integrate some friends into the date (which is a good way to meet the friends if you still haven’t). You can paintball your chests out either at Adrenalin Paintball in 6th October or PaintBall El-Rehab in, well, El Rehab city.

If you love the desert and the gorgeous sunset that comes with it, try sand boarding together if you haven’t yet. Dune Raider Sandboarding consistently organizes sand boarding trips that usually come with delicious BBQ’s (so that’s your dinner plans sorted).

However, if you wanna go all out with your adrenaline craze then give Parkour Egypt a try. They hold training sessions three times a week in 6th October, Maadi and Nasr City, and they’ve also branched out into other cities in Egypt. Be careful though, as this is not for the faint-hearted.





Watch Cairo from above at the Cairo Tower


This is an alternative to the sketchy Mokattam Mountain. It offers breathtaking views of the city and if you go on weekdays you will have much more exclusivity. If you wanna go all out, you can have dinner in its revolving restaurant, and then enjoy the magical city views at night.



Marvel at the Citadel by night


Photo Credot: Noua Ebraheem

Now this option is not available all year round. However, the Citadel throw a few events and concerts during the year. When it does, make sure you go there with your loved one. Because first of all, the entrance ticket to the Citadel, along with any event that’s being held in it, is really cheap. Not only that, but the Citadel by night is lit with different colors that highlight the sheer size and architectural detail of that historic monument. It’s absolutely awe-inspiring.





Take a felucca ride on the Nile



Rent one just for the two of you for 30 minutes, preferably just before sunset. It’s a cliche, but it’s a cliche for a reason. And although the sha3bi songs from all the passing feluccas and water buses could ruin the moment, it would actually give you something to laugh about while you’re sailing.




Just walk!


Whatever happened to just walking? I know! Traffic happened. Pollution happened. Street vendors, cafes and shops displaying their goods on sidewalks happened. Nevertheless, plain simple walking could lead to unforgettable memories when done with the right person. Choose residential streets as they have less traffic and less hassle from shops/cafes. Side streets in Maadi and the non-commercial parts of Zamalek, in particular, provide a nice walking experience and they’re perfectly safe.




Take a day trip to Sokhna or Fayoum


Now this is a bit of a cheat, but both destinations are so close to Cairo anyway so what’s the harm? The road trip alone will provide a liberating escape from the hustle and bustle of the old city. Although there is absolutely no harm in just sitting by the sea the entire day if you’re going to Sokhna, you can also rent a private yacht if you have the money, or take a cable car ride in Porto Sokhna (it’s not Beirut, but hey, it’s our best shot). On the other hand, Fayoum may well be the most romantic spot in Egypt, with its soothing waterfalls and gorgeous sunsets.


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