The Do’s and Don’ts On Preserving Your Mental Energy

Trying to maintain a healthy mentality is not exactly a piece of cake.

As we go through life we’re presented with challenges, responsibilities and a whole lot of other things that trigger our stress responses. One of the worst things is not sorting through these issues as they arise… instead, we let them bottle up inside us until they get too much.

However, if you know what to watch out for, how to take care of yourself, it might be easier. Here are some of our tips to help you preserve your mental energy.

It’s Time To Stop Criticizing Yourself

Stop being hard on yourself by over-analyzing everything and trying to reach perfection. It helps to know that that’s not possible. Perfection is not a thing, as everything is relative. You’re not hard on yourself because your overall standards are too high. If a friend or loved one behaved the same way as you, there’s no way you’d be that critical of them.

We’re usually nicer to others than to ourselves. So give yourself a break. You’re only human.

It’s Time To Stop Caring About What People Think

No matter what you do, there’s always going to be someone who disapproves of it. Always.

Everyone is different. We all perceive things differently. But, caring too much about what people think, will only drain your mental energy and increase your anxiety levels. It’s time to stop trying to please people, and just take care of yourself – it’s more peaceful that way.

It’s Time To Stop Obsessing With Social Media

We’ll admit, it’s pretty fun to lie in bed with your phone, avoiding reality and scrolling through our timelines. We all need it sometimes, but if it becomes your life, it’s time to stop and rethink.

Being too invested in your virtual life as opposed to ‘real’ life can become quite problematic, remember too much of anything is toxic.

It’s Time To Stop Overworking Yourself

We’ve all been hungry for success, sought validation from bosses or overdone it by working unhealthy hours. While working overtime fills up your bank account, and that’s great. It also takes your sleeping time, relaxing time, time spent with your family or friends, or even your gym time. If you pour you’re all into just your work life your mental energy will be down the drain and other aspects of your life will fall short.

It’s important to remember, like anything in life, it’s all about balance or you’ll risk having a burnt out. Enjoy your journey, your progress and take some time off for your own sake.

It’s Time To Stop Surrounding Yourself With Toxic people

Who you spend time with matters magnificently. Humans are impressionable. If you’re surrounded by content people, you’ll count your blessings more often. If you’re surrounded by complainers, you’re more likely to find the bad in every good. So being with toxic people, who suck the life out of you with their issues and their own needs, leaves you drained.

It’s Time To Stop Pressuring Yourself Into Multitasking

It’s a sort of unspoken rule to add ‘good at multitasking’ to your resume. The world requires us to multitask, to do different things in parallel. While sometimes we do that efficiently. More often than not, it leaves you stressed out and ready for a nap. Juggling is not for everyone and that’s okay!

It’s Time To Stop Neglecting Your Emotional Needs

Social contact and healthy relationships automatically recharge you. People can get through the toughest of situations as long as they’re not alone and have emotional support. If we don’t have a support system, someone who talks to us listens to us and fulfils our emotional needs it can become very overwhelming. So make sure you open up to someone and accept their efforts to support you because you need it.

It’s Time To Embrace Nature

Studies have shown that nature improves mood, and lowers stress levels. We’ve all been stuck inside working, studying and staring at a screen for so long that we forget real life exists outside. Don’t deprive yourself of greenery and the smell of the ocean and remember what we said about balance above.

It’s Time For A Little Spontaneity

Being serious, responsible, planning every detail can get very repetitive and boring. A little spontaneity is actually good for your emotional well-being. Sometimes you need to free yourself from routine, especially if you’re a creative person.

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