10 Reasons You’re Privileged & Ought To Be Thankful Everyday

Some people have life treat them better than others. Some are born with silver spoons in their mouths while others are forced to work hard for it. Either way, the end of the road has a lot of privileges, advantages and benefits that definitely make life easier.

If you’ve ever had to wonder if you’re actually privileged or not, then you probably are. In case you don’t know, we’ve got 10 signs that show you’re privileged. So read on, count your blessings and be grateful.

You Have Food On Your Plate

If you’ve got access to food daily, then you’re lucky. If you’re sure you’re eating today then you win at life. Food is simply one of the best joys of life. Have you ever noticed how angry hungry people are? Eating three meals a day, eating healthy food and food that you actually like is a big portion of one’s day, so be thankful you’ve got that.

You Get To Sleep In Your Bed

Do you know that heavenly feeling? The one you get after a long day and you finally get into bed? This feeling undoubtedly brings you closer to heaven. Having a soft, comfy and warm bed that hugs you as you recharge your batteries is a privilege that a lot of people don’t have.

Locking Your Door At Night

Locking your door at night is a privilege. Not being in danger or threatened is an important necessity in life. People who feel safe and are sheltered from the dangers of the world tend to live healthier lives as their bodies are not in a constant ‘fight or flight’ response.

Also, being financially secure is a form of safety many of us take for granted. Not having to worry about making ends meet, paying electricity and water bills etc is a privilege.

Your Right To Privacy

Having room to live your own life without being watched is something to be thankful for. If no one is up in your business, watching your every move or sharing with you your belongings, that’s a privilege.

Privacy is one of the most basic human rights. Something not a lot of people have… so if you have your own life and your boundaries set, be grateful.

You Have Access To Proper Education

If you have access to any form of education then you’re lucky. Whether it’s through school, books, an educated parent who teaches you or you simply have access to the internet, then you’re blessed. Not only is education important for character development and growth, but it also helps you have a better awareness of the world around you. Education opens doors and allows you to further yourself in many different ways.

Being educated is a privilege that unfortunately not everyone has…

You’re Confident

Although confidence is a personality factor that differs from person to person, it is also a privilege. The issue arises when the voices of those who are more confident overpower the voices of those who are less confident.

If you’re a confident individual, be thankful. But it’s also worth trying to be more inclusive of others who look like they may be struggling to get noticed or get their voices heard.

You’re Loved

If you have people who love you and care for you, you’re blessed. So many people are surrounded by the wrong crowd, or never really experience intimacy or pure human connection with a friend or a lover. If you have people who’re truly looking out for you, you’re definitely one of the lucky ones.

Being Healthy

Physical and mental health is a true privilege that unfortunately not a lot of people have. It gets continuously harder to take care of your health and wellbeing as life becomes more challenging.

You’re A Majority In Your Society

Having society’s approval is a blessing. If your race, religion, class, behaviour, looks and sexuality adhere to society’s norms, you live a safer life. Someone who wears red in a society that wears black gets a hard time fitting in. If you’re not a minority in your society, you’re privileged.

Freedom Of Choice

Being able to choose where you live, what you wear, who you marry, what you learn or when you sleep and eat is a true blessing! Some people don’t get to do that and live in complete oppression. These are basic human rights, but not very basic to everyone.

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