One-on-one With the Head of MBC’s El Amal, Mariam Farag!

Via Women of Egypt

MBC El Amal and the United Nations’ World Food Programme has joined forces this Ramadan to fight malnutrition amongst vulnerable children, by providing essential foods required for them to survive and thrive. Last Saturday, we attended their event ‘Feed Their Dreams’ at New Cairo’s Modern English Schools, where Tawasol Egypt showcased a taste of nostalgia with a musical performance ‘ Ramadan Beta3 Zaman’!

During the event, we sat down with the head of MBC El Amal, Mariam Farag for a quick chitchat:

Tell me how MBC El Amal came to life?

It all started in 2013 when we first started the CSR program for the MBC group, called MBC El Amal. It overlooks anything related to youth empowerment and child protection in different fields. We help them with education, getting ready for the work-life, and capacity building.

We work with start-ups, social entrepreneurs, and humanitarian organizations in different fields on ground. We work throughout the entire Arab World, without focusing on a single country. We try to raise awareness on social causes, aim to change wrong misconceptions, and support the youth to dream.

We supply a lot of internships and workshops in order to empower the youth and inspire them to take the first steps.

Why are we gathered here today?

We’re gathered today for a campaign called Feed Their Dreams, launched by MBC El Amal and the UN World Food Program. The campaign tackles the importance of nutrition for children. If a child dreams of food, they won’t have time or energy to dream of anything else.

If we can find a way to ease hunger for children, the world will be a better place. We need to raise awareness on the food waste in Ramadan, and how we can change a lot just by moderating our food tables.

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