Vogue Arabia’s Veiled Models Shatter Hijab Stereotypes

The modern world is all about inclusion and celebrating diversity. Brands have been leaving their mark in the fashion industry by embracing and casting models that represent all segments, cultures and races.

For years, hijabis living outside the region have suffered from stereotypes surrounding the veil. In a world where religious discrimination and , Islamophobia have dominated, hijabis have continuously reported random attacks and bullying for being Muslims; not to mention being called terrorists.

Many brands such as Nike, Dolce and Gabbana, Michael Kors and GAP have decided to endorse the reality that hijab is a personal choice and a reality that women across our region are living with, hijabis are seen on international runways, however, most fashion editorials still shied away from veiled models.

Via Vogue Arabia

Vogue Arabia shared their April cover girls who just happened to be three gorgeous veiled women of color, Amina Adan, Ikram Abdi Omar and Halima Aden. The ladies planned on supporting muslim women everywhere and helping them to stand for their rights.

“I think it’s important to remember that wearing a hijab is a woman’s personal choice. It doesn’t make her any better or worse than another Muslim woman. To me, it symbolizes modesty and gives me a sense of power,” Aden told Vogue Arabia.

Via Vogue Arabia

“In the past, I would have had to bring extra headscarves with me just in case, but stylists mostly bring some for me now,” Omar shared. “They find it fascinating and get creative, which warms my heart because they see the beauty of the hijab every time a new look is created.”

The ladies spoke up again for the second time on the experience and what it meant to them.

Watch below the first ever hijabi group cover girls:

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