Fashion Brand Okhtein Gets Acquired by Regional Fashion Investment Group Bidayat

Rejoice ladies and gentlemen! The esteemed brand Okhtein has teamed up with the Alsara Investment Group company, Bidayat. Founded by Rachid Mohamed Rachid, the two joining forces will enable a smoother operation, additional funding, and will allow for wider networking with experts across the industry’s field.

Given the nature of Bidayat and its platform, enabling entrepreneurs from Europe and the MENA region in giving them the necessary spark for ideas to bloom, this pairing couldn’t have been more fit. In addition to that, Okhtein is undoubtedly heading up the same path and will be achieving the same objective given the course they’re on. With the brand’s push on helping to construct a firm standing of e-commerce in Egypt and with their uniquely innovative collections, the label has unquestionably cemented its reputable status globally.

Continued product development and improvement on expansion for their physical retail presence are amongst the future goals in regards to the label expansion. “Having a hands-on partner like Bidayat will help us unlock our full creative and commercial potential,” said Okhtein’s CEO and business partner, Mohamed Abdel Raouf. Bidayat’s CEO, Tugba Unkan, stated that the brand’s approach in blending fashion with art whilst adding a touch of acknowledgment to the heritage of Egyptian artisans, aligns with the brand’s mission on the development of creative talent.

Rachid Mohamed Rachid

A member of the Harvard Business School Almuni and holder of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, when Rachid founded Bidayat, his sole aim was in empowering creative talents across the fields of beauty, fashion, wellness and lifestyle, and guiding them with the appropriate tools in fulfilling their potential. Rachid also serves as the Chairman for the international fashion houses Balmain, situated in France, as well as Valentino, based in Italy. In the past, Rachid was also the Minister of Trade, Industry, and Investment of Egypt from 2004, and served as the Executive President for the Middle East and North Africa’s branch of renowned brand Unilever. Given his achievements and armed with the necessary experience, Rachid possesses the perfect mindset and goal for taking on the journey for creative development.

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