A Nurse Got Fired in Saudi Arabia for a Snapchat Video

Via sabq

According to article 43 of Saudi Arabia’s employee disciplinary code, “An employee may be suspended if investigators or committees involved in their case believe it is for the benefit of the workplace.”


Via sabq


A video went viral of a nurse in Saudi Arabia who flipped a finger on a Snapchat video, on her private account. The nurse, who used to work in one of the hospitals in Assir governorate, is now fired!


The General Directorate of Health Affairs in Saudi Arabia’s Assir governorate suspended the nurse days after the video started gaining momentum online. The announcement came on Tuesday after the authorities came to know of the video being circulated widely, showing the nurse making an “indecent” hand gesture and sparking a social media buzz.


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A debate sparked on Twitter, on whether she should be punished or not. Let us know what you think in the comments section.



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