Yosra El Lozy Makes a Public Apology After Getting Slammed for Being Racist

via twitter
via twitter


Egyptian actress, Yosra El Lozy, who is admired for her pretty looks and amazing acting skills, made an official apology on Twitter concerning an incident that occurred at Hany El Beheiry’s  Spring/Summer 2018 collection fashion show.



El Lozy walked the runaway with Egypt’s most expensive wedding dress that allegedly costs around $5 million. The dress, however, weighed a bit too much that actress couldn’t carry it on her own. Ironically, two shirtless black men carried it for her.


via twitter


Her appearance in an expensive dress that was being carried by two black men seemed very racist, and the Internet was completely outraged.



El Lozy took to Twitter to apologize to her fans and the world, and confirmed to everyone that the incident was was not planned in anyway. She even said that the the changes were made at the very last minute. The actress added that due to her nervousness, she was too preoccupied with the heaviness of the dress, to object about what was happening.



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