No Parking Fines Are Issued in This Dubai Neighborhood

Via Tumblr

Okay so, everyone despises parking fines. They come in second after Donald Trump, especially after his latest stunt.


Via Tumblr


But again, parking fines are the absolute work of the devil. Which is why the following piece of information has made us really jealous of everyone living in that neighborhood.


According to Popsugar, this Dubai neighborhood has eliminated parking fines entirely for the time being. A trial phase has been introduced at the Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT), and as people in the neighborhood become more aware and adjusted to the new regulations, no fines will be issued.


“The new parking system is in the awareness phase and no fines will be issued until we make sure all motorists know how the system is being operated in the JLT area,” an RTA spokesperson told the Gulf News.



WE SAID THIS: Brb while we move to JLT.