2021 New Year’s Resolutions: UAE Residents Decide to Skip Them Altogether This Year

2021 has begun and we all not only want, but also need, to start it with a fresh mindset. First and foremost let’s start by cutting all the ‘New year new me’ and ‘New year’s resolution’ plans. Let’s cut this ideology and mainstream thinking and try something new instead! A study has shown that new year’s resolutions almost always fail and UAE residents have decided to skip them altogether this year. No 2021 new year’s resolutions for them!

Let’s do the same because you know the drill, you make your list and then forget all about it in 30 days, or maybe less. One report went as far as saying ‘virtually every study says 80% of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned around February’. It’s funny how we get excited to plan and everything then just forget about them all. But why this sudden change? Maybe all that has happened in 2020 has taught them that what actually matters doesn’t really need to be written down, that maybe our goals don’t need to be set in stone.

We all believe that this pandemic has hit us hard and taught most of us some real-life lessons, at the very least, the importance of wellbeing and gratitude. It’s very common that most of the resolutions start with some fitness-related goals. Well UAE residents are more motivated to get in shape, not to look good but to stay healthy, so healthy that COVID-19 won’t stand a chance. A simple note to keep in mind: just stay health-conscious! A little mindset change, right? This is what we call a good new year’s resolution.

Just ask yourself if you actually need a planner in order to change or achieve some of your goals or is it all one’s mentality? At the end of the day it’s how we perceive and work on our dreams or goals. A paper or a pen will help you to draw the path but the when and the how come from within. Now most common new year’s resolutions include getting more organized, lose weight, quitting smoking, learn a new skill or hobby, and more. But ask yourself what you actually want to achieve knowing that goals need time, motivation, and most importantly, the will to change!

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